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As an extroverted introvert (yes, that’s totally a thing), I often joke that I became a writer so I could speak to the masses without actually having ...more
I discovered my passion for writing when I wrote 30 pages about talking wolves in the fifth grade. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with storytelling. ...more
Hi, I’m Saprina. I’m a storyteller and artist with a deep curiosity about the world and the people in it. I love all manner of storytelling: from writ...more
Hi there, I’m Helen. I have always loved writing; anything from stories and articles to limericks in birthday cards. I find the creative process of st...more
Hello, I’m Chrissy. I'm a corporate desk jockey by day, but writing is where my true passion lies and I've always had a great affection for old school...more
I’m a PhD psychologist, writer, and coach. I write articles about dating, relationships, mental health, and maybe a few science-y ones just to keep yo...more
I am a standup comic based in Chicago. In my comedy and my writing, I gravitate toward talking about the absurdness of life and the experience of bein...more
I’m a comedy writer living in Los Angeles who also happens to write about loneliness. I hope to share my knowledge and experience with different types...more
I often tell people that I talk for a living but I do so much more. I use every form of communication — speech, written word, video, you name it — bec...more
Traveling, writing, and teaching are three things you can find me doing at any given moment. I have a Doctorate in Education and am bilingual in Engli...more
From time to time, we commission writers with special skill sets, life experiences, and knowledge to contribute to The Roots Of Loneliness Project on ...more