Loneliness Quiz: How Lonely Are You Feeling?

Although loneliness is normal, this quiz will help you find out whether you need more meaningful connections — and advise you on what to do next.

Take The Loneliness Test Now

If you’re not sure whether you’re lonely — or if you should be worried about the loneliness you’re feeling — this free quiz will provide deep insight in just a few moments.

Statistics show that loneliness is more common than perhaps most people realize, and if you think you might be lonely right now, there’s a good chance you are.

Although loneliness is not the same thing as solitude and plenty of people enjoy spending worthwhile time alone, you might be lonely right now — and not even know it.

Who Should Take Our Loneliness Test?

This loneliness quiz can be a valuable self-assessment tool for anyone seeking insight into their social and emotional well-being.

Our short test can help you to understand feelings of isolation or disconnection and to identify potential areas for improvement in social interactions and relationships.

Several groups of people might benefit from taking our loneliness quiz, including:

Our loneliness quiz can serve as a starting point for self-reflection, leading toward proactive steps that can enhance your social well-being and overall happiness.

What To Know About Loneliness & Resources

Loneliness is a complex topic and there are more than 100 types we might experience at some point in our lives.

To learn more about what loneliness is, what causes it, signs to watch out for, health risks, and more, our comprehensive library is just a click away:

Editor’s Note: This article is part of The Roots Of Loneliness Project, the first-of-its-kind resource that comprehensively explores the phenomenon of loneliness and over 100 types we might experience during our lives.